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Riding School - Lesson Programs

Alborak offers programs from beginner through to international competitors.  
The focus of our programs is education to further the enjoyment of the horse.  
You may register for an existing program or choose to inquire about a customized program which suits you and your horse.

Before you commit to our riding school, you may be interested in choosing one of the following sessions:

Intro to Riding
For riders new to the equine world

Costs: $60 + GST
Length of Lesson: 30-40 mins per student
Details: Students will have a one on one lesson with certified instructor to see if riding at Alborak is the right fit. Instructor will demonstrate the tasks associated with catching, grooming and tacking up. Students will then have a short ride to get a feel of what it's like in the saddle.
Session includes facility tour and barn safety handout. Approx. total of time allocated to the session is 1 hour, not including travel time.

Assessment Session 
For riders getting back in the saddle or changing barns

Costs: $ 80 + GST
Length: 40-45 mins
Details: Students will have a one on one lesson with certified instructor. Instructors to complete rider assessment check list and evaluate the riders strengths and weaknesses both on and off the horse. Jumping component will be with polls both on the ground and elevated no more than 15 inches. Instructor to work closely with program coordinator to ensure that the student can fulfill their riding goals.

Please contact us to arrange one of these helpful sessions.


10 week packages

Beginner Programs ($525+GST)

Following the Alborak Riding School program curriculum and items on the beginner evaluation check list.  Some lessons will have in hand leading or lunging components. 

Items include (but not limited to):

  • How to catch a horse
  • Grooming before and after riding
  • Tacking up
  • Care of tack after riding
  • Leading with a halter and rope
  • Leading a horse tacked up
  • Mounting and dismounting safety
  • Adjusting stirrups
  • Basic position, how to hold the reins
  • Start trot (posting & two-point)
  • Learn posting diagonals
  • Steering at the walk
  • Care of tack

*NEW for Spring 2018 program

Level 1 (MAX 3 STUDENTS) is geared towards students that are new to our Riding School or who have only successfully completed one Beginner program session.  We focus on barn/horse safety as well as the foundation of proper riding.  More time is spent out of the saddle to help develop the riders abilities to work safely with the horse on the ground. 

Level 2 is for students who have a base understanding of all the preparation involved for a lesson and is ready to work more on riding skills portion of the evaluation checklist.  Riders must have successfully completed 2 Beginner L1 program sessions; progression is up to the instructor discretion.


Novice Rider Program ($600+GST)

This level is for riders that are comfortable with everything covered in the Beginner Program. It will follow the Alborak Riding School program curriculum and items on the novice evaluation check list. Students will have alternating dressage/flat and jumping lessons and will learn how to safely canter.  The jumping components will not exceed over 2'3".

*Students wishing to enter the Novice program without progressing through our beginner program must complete an assessment ride.  Entry will be determined by one of our Certified Instructors.

NOTE: Registration for the 2018 Fall Session opens July 9, 2018.  Schedule to be confirmed end of June 2018 

SPRING SESSION (April 7 until June 17, 2018)

Register on-line by clicking on the "Program Registration" tab 
or submit a "Contact Us" form with any inquiries


Monday (riders must be able to canter and started over jumps)


6:00 - Novice,  7:00 - Novice




5:30 - Novice (little to no jumping), 6:30 - Novice, 7:30 - Novice




1:00 - Beginner (LEVEL 1), 2:15  - Novice (no jumping), 3:30 - Beginner (LEVEL 2)




1:45 - Beginner (LEVEL 2), 3:00 - Novice, 4:00 - Novice, 5:00 - Novice



Competitive Programs 

Starter-Pre Entry Competitive Program*

Included in the competitive program is 12 coaching days per calender month (used for either lesson or coaching days at any shows).  
Coaches available for this program are Marlene Bieri, B.J Desajardins, Justine Morley and Autumn Desajardins (Sandra Donnelly for cross country schooling).

$800/month+GST with an Alborak horse (this includes a 3 day per week lease).  Pricing do not include trailering to any off property events. ie: cross country schooling, shows, events etc... 


*Program is mandatory for anyone wanting to event an Alborak school horse this coming season (2018).

Pre-Training and beyond Competitive Program


  • Must full lease or own a horse
  • Must be able to commit riding 4 days per week and look at personal training or some other form of rider fitness.
  • Work with a coach to lay out a plan for training and showing for the season

There will be opportunities for all Competitive Program Students to go to shows & clinics (as appropriate).


Contact us to inquire about custom programs