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Homework, where the learning doesn't stop in class!!

Welcome to the Alborak Pony Club homework page. Here you will find a list of assignments, reading requirements and what the clubbers should be completing prior to the next meeting. 

**Book reference abbreviations:

United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship (D level)- USD
United States Pony Club Manual of Horsemanship (C level)- USC
The Manual of Horsemanship (14th edition)- HM

As always, if you have any questions, please contact Crystal at:

October 9, 2018                                       D Group            
                                                              Required reading: USD Chapter 13 "Dress and Turnout"
                                                              Homework: Complete Lesson 2 in workbooks
                                                              Assignment: To be presented in class, name 1 part of the horse and state it's function

October 14, 2018       

E Group

Required reading: USD pg. 246 "Parts of the pony" 
Homework: Complete Lesson 2 in workbooks
Assignment: Practice naming parts of the horse during your riding lessons

October 16, 2018       

       D Group

          Required reading: USD pg. 199 - 207 & HM pg. 69 - 87 "7 Watering" and "8 Feeding" 
          Homework: Complete Lesson 3 in workbooks
          Assignment: Find 1 supplement or grain product and explain what it does

October 25, 2018                                    C Group
                                            Required reading: USC pg. 222-246 "Conditioning"
                                                             Homework: Complete Lesson 1,2 in workbooks
                                                             Assignment: Look up conditioning programs and create a feeding plan

October 30, 2018                                    C Group
                                                             Homework: Complete Lesson 3 in workbooks
                                                             Assignment: Describe your horse in detail with conformation and print photo to bring to next class. Google "eventing training plans
                                                             for horses" and identify the various types of work and timeframes.

November 4, 2018                                  E Group
                                                             Required reading: USD pg. 175 "Stable, pasture or both"
                                                             Homework: Complete Lesson 3 in workbooks

November 6, 2018                                  D Group
                                                             Required reading: USD pg. 182-187 "Grooming your Pony" (chapter "Controlling Flies" is not required) & HM pg. 97 - 102 "10 Grooming"
                                                             Homework: Complete Lesson 4 in workbooks
                                                             Assignment: Find what you think is the most beautifully groomed horse and explain why you picked it

November 20, 2018                                D Group
                                                             Required reading: USD pg. 37-52 starting at "Learning to control your pony" & HM chapter 37 "Analysis of the jump"
                                                             Homework: Complete Lesson 5, workbook assignments 1 & 2
                                                             Assignment: Research a bit and describe it

December 4, 2018                                  D Group
                                                             Required reading: HM pg 12-14, USD 247, “pony markings” pg 252 “Horse and Pony Breeds and types”
                                                             Homework: Complete Lesson 5, workbook assignments 3 & 4
                                                             Assignment: DUE on the 29th of January
                                                             Research and present one famous horse from either discipline: show jumping, eventing, dressage, racing or driving.
                                                             Must include: name, breed, color, markings and country of origin.

December 11, 2018                                 C Group
                                                             Assignment: Research a bit and describe it

January 15, 2019                                    D Group
                                              Required reading: HM pg 15-19 chapter 1 "Age" to "Describing a pony". USD pg 249-252 (end after "gallop") & pg 255-257 "Conformation"
                                                             Homework: Review lesson 6 (complete if need be)
                                                   Assignment: Complete presentation "A Famous Horse" from Dec 4 meeting. Presentations will be held on the Jan 29th meeting!

January 27, 2019                                    E Group
                                                             Required reading: HM chapter 4 "Handling and leading".  USD pg. 145-159 "Handling, leading and tying your pony
                                                             Homework: Lessons 5 & 6
                                                             Assignment: Badge presentations as per discussed in class

January 29, 2019                                    D Group
                                                             Required reading: HM pg. 289-295 "Cleaning and Care of Saddlery".  HM pg. 269-270 (include all of Figure 155) "The snaffle"
                                                             Homework: Lesson 7
                                                             Assignment: Complete the 'pressure points' of the Alborak school horse's bits.  Where does the bit apply pressure?

February 19, 2019                                  D Group
                                                             Required reading: HM pg. 140 chapter 16 "Safety and Insurance".  USD pg. 127 "out and about with your pony"
                                                             Assignment: Name 1 rule for riding at night & badge presentation as per discussed in class (for those who are presenting February 26)

February 24, 2019                                  E Group
                                                             Required reading: USD pg 182-188 "Grooming", pg 47-47 "Posting Trot", Pg 64-67 "Posting Diagonals".  HM pg 97-105 "Grooming".
                                                             Homework: Lesson 7
                                                             Assignment: Practice naming the parts of the saddlery during your riding lesson

February 26, 2019                                 D Group
                                           Required reading: USD pg. 86-93 (starting at: "Rating or adjusting speed in the gaits", USD pg 111-112 "Types of Releases"
                                                            Homework: Lesson 8
                                                            Assignment: Choose one place in the world and identify it's horseback riding/driving on public roads by-laws. 
                                                              "Challenge" Can you discover a place where it's still legal to ride/drive a horse on public roads?

March 5, 2019                                       D Group
                                                            Required reading: USD pg. 122 (start at "Pony jumping problems") to pg 126, HM pg. 111-117 Chapter 12 "The foot and shoeing"
                                                            Homework: Ensure that all lessons in the workbook are completed prior to the meeting on April 2nd
                                                            Assignment: Prepare at least one question to ask Marshall on Farrier night, March 19th!