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We try to anticipate questions you might have about our Pony Club Program and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to


   What is a Pony Club Riding Centre?

    A facility that provides the opportunity to have a positive experience with horses, through providing opportunities for education; for the
    learning of responsibility, sportsmanship and good citizenship; for enjoyment and/or for competitive success with horses.


What is the age range for members?

6 to 21 years of age
**Horsemasters program for Adults currently not available at our facility


What commitment level does it involve?

Must be a current AEF member
Must attend a minimum of 1 theory class per month (2 hour class)
Must be a student of the Alborak Riding School lesson program


     What are the costs and what do they include?

       Initial registration is $140, which includes: National and regional fees, Pony Club pin and badges that can be earned throughout the      year.  Following years are $125.
       Theory/Stable Management classes are $20/lesson
       **Events, textbooks, testing and additional lessons are extra


     Is there a dress code/uniform?

       No, however we will be periodically interacting with the horses, therefore it is mandatory to bring appropriate barn attire to include helmet.


    What levels are there?

     The Canadian Pony Club has 12 levels of achievement, E, D, D1, D2, C, C1, C2, B, B2, HA, RA, and A


     When is Pony Club testing?

       Alborak will be hosting testing 2x per year.
       Testing in the spring will be open to the students of the Alborak lesson program.
       Testing in the fall will be open to the advance students that own or lease a horse and are participating in classes all year, to include the summer months.


     How do I register?

       All registration subissions must be completed via our Pony Club District Commissioner. Please email your request to