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April 13-14, 2019

Centered Riding Clinic
2 full days at Alborak Stable

Spots are reserved ONLY after FULL payment has been received.

Awareness (unmounted) work will be performed each day by both participating auditors and riders.  
During the mounted lessons later in the day, the riders will explore the techniques in the saddle.

Each group of 4 will work with Sue for approximately 1.5 hour per day
This will involve riding, where the first few minutes may be on the ground warming the horse up
with some body work from Connected Riding. Riders will be encouraged to watch the
other riders lessons as there is lots of learning in doing so.

Registration online:

Click HERE for Rider & Auditor Form
$195+GST per rider (max 12)
$75+GST school horse rental for both days
$10 per participating Auditor (max 12).
Non participating auditors is FREE.

Click HERE for Stabling Form ($30+GST per night)

For more infromation please email us at


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